Download Sslurp!

The latest Sslurp! version is 2.67. You can download it here.

Downloadable files:, 83417 bytes.

Change log

Version 2.67
Changed New audio notifications can be disabled
Version 2.66
Changed Changed audio notifications
New Added support for IFrames
Version 2.65
Fix Slash was always added in server dialog.
Change Handling HTML comments
Version 2.64
Change Line breaks in quotes within HTML tags are now ignored instead of interpreted as whitespace.
Version 2.63
Fix Proxy attempts to return correct content-type when file was not downloaded with Sslurp
Fix When a receive error occurred before receiving the item body, a partial re-try is scheduled.
Change When a connection attempt fails Sslurps pauses for 1/2 second to reduce CPU load.
Version 2.62
Fix Possible crash with internal proxy and very long URLs.
Version 2.6
Change Better error handling in internal proxy
New Retry number and link level are displayed in the URL list.
Fix Updated items may have been appended to local files instead of replacing them.
New Command line option -H to hide task list entry
Change Forward slash added to server URLs
Version 2.5
Fix Options were not saved when -N command line option was used.
New Recognizes BASE tag
Change Better error handling in internal proxy
Version 2.41
Fix HTTP 1.1 servers may have sent extra bytes in a retrieved item ("chunked transfer encoding"). Modified request.
Version 2.4
Fix URLs starting with "." or ".." were resolved uncorrectly.
New The internal proxy prints out the matching filter entry when a URL is filtered out.
New You can specify file name extensions of inline images.
Version 2.3
New When an item was retrieved incompletely from a HTTP 1.1 server Sslurp continues the partial download instead of retrieving the whole item when re-trying the download (incomplete downloads have to be made with Sslurp 2.3 or newer for this feature to work; older incomplete downloads are handled like before).
Fix Removed some problems with line breaks within links.
New background images within table elements (TABLE, TR, TD, TH) are now recognized and handled like other inline images.
Version 2.2
Change More items in the history drop down list (35).
Change Changed order of items in history when existing item is reselected.
New Proxy status is displayed in the status line.
Fix Possible memory leak in proxy.
New Menu item to reload the proxy's filter definition file at runtime.
Version 2.1
Fix Retry limit did not work.
Fix Posting form data via Sslurp's proxy server did not work correctly for Netscape 4.04 (don't know about other browsers). The connection stalled.
Version 2.0
New "Date", "Expires" and "Content-Type" header lines are stored in file's EAs.
New Sslurp now contains a simple HTTP proxy server. See online help for details.
Fix Sslurp retried some downloads when it shouldn't.
Fix Single CRs in HTML tags were not recognized correctly.